Making APIs that requires photos, so uploading photos to the Amazon S3 bucket and accessing it with the public url is one way and then we can save that public url in our MongoDB database for further retrieval.

  1. Any IDE of your choice like (VSCode, etc.)
  2. GitHub repository. (it’s optional…

Easily deploying a web app made with React, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB on Heroku by using a post-build script and connecting it with GitHub for automatic deployment of the app.

Small Introduction to the MERN Stack and Heroku

MERN is an acronym for a JavaScript web app made using: React (for the frontend UI part), Node.js and Express

Part 2. Making API endpoints to post or retrieve data

In this article you will get to know how endpoints are made to do CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operation on data stored on MongoDB Atlas database using Rest-API.

In the above article we saw how to setup the Node.js project and connect our MongoDB database to the Node.js. …

Part 1. Server connection setup

In this post, you will understand what is a REST API and learn how to make the connection setup for the API in Node.js with MongoDB Atlas.

By: umang

REST(REpresentational State Transfer) is an architectural style or pattern that defines the set of constraints for developing web applications.

By -: Umang Agrawal

VSCode is one of the best and most powerful editors with Intellisense technology. Everyone loves to use VSCode. So why not make it more powerful and helpful by adding extensions made by brilliant developers that really make development easier? Not only that, but they also save our development time and…

All the necessary commands use to deploy will be there in this article.


  1. Node.js and npm installed.
  2. Node.js and MongoDB application.
  3. Free Heroku account.
  4. Heroku CLI.
  5. GitHub account.
  6. Git (Not necessary but it’s best to push code to github using git bash).
  1. Specify the version of the node in package.json…

Umang Agrawal

Umang is a developer, tech enthusiast, and a photographer. Loves to code with coffee on desk.

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